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At Cardinal Home Care, we provide compassionate and professional home care services for seniors of all physical conditions and cognitive abilities. If you or a loved one is recovering from an illness, injury, recent surgery, living with a chronic disability, or just dealing with the natural process of aging, our dedicated caregivers are here to help. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients achieve the best quality of life and to empower individuals to achieve their highest level of social, physical, emotional, and spiritual maturity.

Services are provided throughout Northern Virginia at personal residences, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or wherever you or your loved one resides. Services are available for a few hours a day to 24-hour live-in care. We assure you peace of mind that your loved one is getting the highest level of care possible, with experienced, caring and compassionate caregivers. Our goal is to be the premier provider of professional caregiving services by offering exceptional customer service, quality caregivers, and compassionate care. Our clients are our priority!

When caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be difficult to ensure they’re receiving the best care possible. That’s why providing Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services is so important. 

The reality of life with dementia or Alzheimer’s is that it’s never easy – but the right support network can make all the difference. Home care services can provide your loved one with compassionate, personalized attention. This helps them feel safe and secure while keeping their independence intact.

Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services give families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands. Having an experienced team of professionals on hand can help people living with dementia stay engaged and connected to the world around them, giving them more freedom and autonomy than ever before.

What Are The Types of Dementia?

Dementia is a debilitating neurological condition that affects one’s memory, thinking, and behavior. It can take a number of different forms and can be caused by many different diseases or conditions.

  • The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, but there are other types of dementia as well. 
  • The first type of dementia is vascular dementia, which is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the brain. This can be due to stroke, atherosclerosis, or other conditions that impede blood flow to the brain. Symptoms include confusion and difficulty with problem-solving and planning activities. 
  • Another type of dementia is Lewy body dementia (LBD). This form of dementia is characterized by visual hallucinations and rapid changes in alertness levels. People with LBD may also experience problems with movement, balance, and coordination.
  • Finally, frontotemporal dementia (FTD) affects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain which controls language skills, decision-making abilities, personality traits and behavior. Symptoms may include difficulty speaking or understanding language; changes in social behavior; disinhibition; repetitive or compulsive behaviors; difficulty controlling emotions; impaired judgment; poor insight into one’s own condition; loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed; apathy; paranoia; delusions; lack of empathy for others’ feelings or situations; aggressiveness or inappropriate sexual behavior.

At Cardinal Home Care we understand that each individual’s experience with dementia is unique – this makes it essential for us to tailor our services to meet their specific needs so they can remain safe at home while still living life as independently as possible. 

We offer comprehensive care plans that focus on providing emotional support while helping them maintain their independence in activities such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management. Our team of experienced professionals can help make sure your loved one receives compassionate care when they need it most!

What sets us apart from other agencies is our commitment to client care. Read more about our mission, vision and values!

Providing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Leesburg, Reston, Herndon, Manassas, Ashburn, Falls Church, McLean, and surrounding areas.

Alzheimer's In-Home Care in Fairfax, VA by Cardinal Home Care

What Are The Stages of Alzheimer's Type Dementia?

The first stage of Alzheimer’s type dementia is a mild cognitive impairment or MCI. This stage involves some forgetfulness and confusion, but activities like dressing, bathing, and eating can still be done independently. 

The second stage is known as mild Alzheimer’s disease. In this stage, people may experience more memory issues and confusion than before, but they are still able to do basic activities on their own with occasional help.

The third stage is moderate Alzheimer’s disease. People in this stage need more assistance with basic daily tasks like using the bathroom and getting dressed. They may also have difficulty understanding language or expressing themselves clearly. 

Finally, there is severe Alzheimer’s disease which is marked by complete loss of independence when it comes to daily activities such as eating or toileting. 

During this final stage, people will often require around-the-clock care from alzheimer’s home care providers or in-home care dementia providers in order to stay safe and comfortable.

Considering home care in the Fairfax VA area? Learn how we can help your aging loved one live their best life in the safety of their home.

Alzheimer's In-Home Care in Fairfax, VA by Cardinal Home Care

How Does Dementia Care At Home Provide Respite?

At-home dementia care can also provide much-needed respite for family caregivers, who often experience feelings of guilt, stress and exhaustion when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. 

Homecare services can provide an opportunity for families to take breaks from their daily responsibilities, allowing them to recharge and refocus on providing support for their loved ones. 

Homecare providers are trained in providing the best possible level of care and are able to monitor patients 24/7 so that families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure.

Read the kind words from previous clients. Our testimonials help families discover how dedicated we are to customer satisfaction.

Cardinal Home Care provides 24-hour home care, with compassionate caregivers that promote safety and happiness.  This gives you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are covered.

When Is It Time For Dementia Home Care?

Deciding when to begin dementia home care can be a difficult decision. It’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of dementia, as well as the emotional impact on both the patient and their family. 

Dementia home care is available for those who require more specialized assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, or managing medications. 

In-home dementia care provides a safe environment for elderly individuals dealing with cognitive decline while allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

No matter what stage of dementia your loved one is in, it’s important to ensure they receive quality care from experienced professionals who understand their unique needs and can provide a safe environment for them to live in comfortably. 

With proper access to resources and personalized care plans tailored specifically for their condition, you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the best possible level of attention and support available from dementia home caregivers near me.

How Does In-Home Dementia Care Benefit Seniors?

In-home dementia care offers a number of benefits for seniors. 

  • It enables them to age in place with dignity and comfort, while providing their family members peace of mind. 
  • Alzheimer’s in home care and home care for dementia patients can help seniors maintain their independence and daily routines, as well as receive personalized support from experienced caregivers.
  • In addition to providing companionship, safety, and supervision for seniors, dementia home care services can also improve the quality of life for families. 
  • Caregivers provide respite from the burden of caregiving, allowing family members to take a break while knowing that their loved one is safe and well taken care of. 
  • Caregivers can also provide practical assistance such as meal preparation, transportation to appointments or activities, housekeeping services, reminders about medications, and more.


These services are tailored to fit an individual’s needs and preferences. Caregivers have specialized training in caring for those with dementia so they can understand the unique needs of each client and provide a personalized approach that meets them where they are at.

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